MP Signature

Madreperla Sandals designed the MP Signature collection to accompany you on special occasions, events, ceremonies and parties. Handcrafted in Italy using only the finest raw materials, our sandals reflect the Italian heritage values in class and elegance. All our sandals can be crafted and customised fully to your liking and desire.


479$ Ex Tax: 456$

Amanda is a name of Latin origin, whose meaning is ‘Worthy of Love’. The floral pattern of Madreperla Signature sandal ‘Amanda’ wants to be a reminder..



449$ Ex Tax: 428$

Italia is the representation of Italy’s timeless beauty. Inspired by the Roman Empire ‘calzari’, ‘Italia’ speaks of ancient history and culture. Handc..


La N.1

515$ Ex Tax: 490$

Star of Madreperla Sandals Signature collection, La N.1 is created to feel a million dollars, anytime, everywhere. Made by artisans expert hands using..

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