CEO Message


Let's face it. There's an incredibly vast amount of brands out there. Trillions. And so, why should you choose MADREPERLA among the huge variety of options out there. 

I have always found the greatest joys in being of service to other people and in adding value to the world, see others happy because of something I have done or created. I love seeing those creations taking a life of their own from the realm of fantasy transitioning to the real world when a sketch becomes flesh.

For me there is magic to be found in all that is leather. Leather is an incredible material. Gorgeous, classy, comes in so many different types, prints and patterns. My personal fascination is in footwear, particularly the Italian caprese sandals for women and accessories for pets which are all made by our Italian artisans using the finest leather, sourced from Tuscany & Lombardy. 

Our products are exceptional in their quality, design and attention to detail while our customer service is impeccable and always available to answer your queries. 

Due to all these qualities, I believe that this is why you should choose MADREPERLA to take care of you. 

Our mission is to make you happy and satisfied. Most of our customers, if not all, are repeated customers and we love to have your trust

It will always be about you, and we appreciate every single one of you!