CUSTOMISE Your Pieces? Now You CAN!

In a world where the vast majority of what we own is already owned by other people, offering the opportunity to CUSTOMISE our pieces is something as valuable as ever. 

Would you like to know more? Sure thing! 

  • Which pieces out of the whole Madreperla Collection can I customise? You can customise all collars, leads and MP-BELTs™ which do not have a glossy finishing. The ideal leather to achieve wonderful painting results is flat, without any prints (as you see in the videos beside). Nonetheless we can still customise other leather types for you. When in doubt, drop us a quick Whatsapp text through the button below and we will reconfirm this with you.
  • How does the customisation process work? Simply choose the piece you’d like to buy and Whatsapp us through the button below. We will then ask you whether you already have a design in mind, or if you’d like us to share our suggestions. Once the design has been decided, we will proceed with the sketch creation along with its price for approval. 
  • What are the delivery timings? 1 to 2 weeks.

 Customisation prices start from £60.00. 

CraftsWOMANship at its finest with Anna, our incredible artist.

STEP 1: Contact us through the Whatsapp button down below and tell us all about your new customisation idea. Is it for one of our collars, leash or MP-BELT™?

STEP 2: Once we know which piece you’d like to go for and what is your design, we will provide you the price for the service. Prices start from just £60.00 per piece and will vary on case to case basis, depending on the chosen art and size.

STEP 3: Now the fun part – SKETCH TIME! We will send you a digital sketch resembling closely the final result of your piece. At this stage we can change and amend any detail digitally before proceeding. 

STEP 4: APPROVED! Once the sketch has been approved, we’ll get down to work. Painting/drying process will take 7-14 days. 

STEP 5: READY for collection! We will now ship your order on first class delivery, ready to be enjoyed. Service available worldwide.

P.S.: We will ship only at one condition, that you won’t forget to share your doggie selfies with us!