Who We Are

Madreperla is your Sandal Atelier. 'La Casa del Sandalo per eccellenza'.

What does Madreperla mean? La Madreperla is the material of which pearls are composed of. It is strong, resilient, elegant & classy. The same qualities that inspire us to create and innovate, and on which the foundations of our brand are laid.

Our mission? To unite the exotic charm of the East & the historical heritage of the West through our collections.

Created only using the finest leather, our raw materials are responsibly sourced limiting the use of heavy machinery. All sandals as well as our packaging are sustainably handcrafted in Italy.

Madreperla Sandals headquarter sits in the United Arab Emirates capital city of Abu Dhabi. Founded by an Italian entrepreneur whose love for the Region has grown into the desire to convert her passion into something tangible: the creation of a unique product, worth of people's love and attention. A product that is not only a Sandal, but an added value to each buyer, for its beauty and charming desing.

01  To Celebrate and Empower Beauty as it is

When we feel confident, anything is possible. Confidence encourages us to make life changing decisions and stand up in what we believe in our hearts.

Beauty isn’t about one-size-fits-all - it rather lies in the uniqueness of each individual. This very concept is the core and inspiration behind our collections.

02    To Be Transparent & Truthful To Our Customers

Truth and responsibility is what we stand for.

We believe that building a base of transparency, honesty and accountability is the foundation of a long-lasting relationship between us and our audiences all across the world.

03    To Strive For Excellence

At Madreperla Sandals, the respect for our heritage and culture is paramount. We wish to bring the scent of Italy at your doorstep through a sandal that represents innovation, excellence, dedication and passion.

Our motto? We never give up. We rise up higher than the sky!

04    To Think Big &  Dream Bigger – Always!

A dream. This is what it all used to be. This is where Madreperla Sandals came from.

Beautiful things happen when we turn dreams into reality. We glow! We rise and shine! And we are all capable of it. Me, you, every single one of us has the potential to shape our lives around a dream.

Our team at Madreperla Sandals loves to brainstorm ideas and challenge conventions. This is the way we are able to build long-lasting success: creating innovations.