MP Sandals - Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions listed below rule the access and use of the e-commerce platform by the user.

The user agrees to be bound by these terms & conditions when accessing and registering for any of our services.

Madreperla Sandals reserves the right to update and amend our terms & conditions whenever deemed necessary. We invite our users to check regularly our website before purchasing any product.

Reading and consequently approving Madreperla Sandals terms & conditions is necessary in order to carry out a purchase from our e-platform.

   General sales conditions

Madreperla Sandals holds the right to discontinue and change product prices at our sole discretion, without prior notice.

Madreperla Sandals also holds the right to limit/suspend a user’s access to our e-platform at any point in time.

The user’s payment details will only be used to complete purchase procedures or to process a refund.


  Pre-order conditions

Madreperla Sandals sells exclusive and handcrafted products in relatively small batches. This is the reason why we also offer a pre-order service to our customers. A pre-order consists in the purchase of a product not currently available but that can be crafted as per customer's request or that is set to be released shortly thereafter. The crafting process requires 7 to 10 days plus shipping standard timings.

All products available for pre-order display with a 'pre-order' ribbon in the products display area, or if you wish to purchase a currently out of stock size, you will see 'pre-order' mentioned next to the selected size within the size drop down menu. We will always confirm your order by sending a confirmation e-mail to your registered e-mail address.

In order to confirm your pre-order you will be requested to proceed to your shopping cart for payment, just as you would for an 'in-stock' item. A pre-order can only be cancelled prior to receiving the shipping confirmation e-mail. If you wish to request for a pre-order cancellation, please contact our customer service team at +971 (0)50 529 8968 or at



Our e-platform is intended for users above the age of 18 years old, or the age of majority applicable in your jurisdiction. Madreperla Sandals reserves the right to cancel your registration, should we become aware that your age is misrepresented through subscription/registration to one of our services.

The user is liable for the use of our e-platform and its contents. User’s account registration details will need to be kept confidential by the user’s sole responsibility.

Madreperla Sandals will not be held responsible for any damage caused by computer viruses and unathorised third party access to your account. In case of any breach of data, or if you suspect someone is accessing your registered account, please contact our customer service at and we will promptly assist you.


   Disclaimer & limitation of liabilities

Madreperla Sandals disclaims and does not extend any warranty for any of the services made available on our e-platform. Madreperla Sandals is not liable for any damage caused by the use of our website or affiliated ones.

Certain states do not allow liability exclusion or limitations for some specific incidental damages. When these laws apply, liability will be in accordance as permitted by the law, and additional rights might be applicable to the user.


   Intellectual property rights

All content on this e-platform, including but not limited to pictures, videos, documents, text, graphics, logo and all other material published on the website in any format, is protected by the author’s copyright.

Madreperla Sandals is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights within this e-platform. The user has no right and is never authorised to reproduce our platform’s content without prior written consent. All above-mentioned rights are reserved.


   Privacy Policy

Please refer to our Privacy Policy page for more information. User’s personal data is processed in accordance with our privacy policy.


   Applicable law & dispute resolutions

These terms & conditions are in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates. Should you face any inconvenience or issue with the services provided on our platform, we are here to assist our customers. Our customer service is at your disposal at


   Terms & Conditions violation

The user is forbidden to use any of our platform content for unlawful purposes and acts such as submission of false information or transmission of viruses that can in any way harm our e-platform correct functionality. 

It is forbidden to violate any national and international regulations and infringe Madreperla Sandals intellectual property rights. It is forbidden to hack the personal information of others, such as tracking, spam, phish, etc. Shall a user commit any act of violation related to our platform we have the right to suspend your account with us and terminate providing any service.


   Termination & Cancellation

Should you fail to comply with our terms & conditions, Madreperla Sandals reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate your account with us and you will remain liable for any outstanding amount due prior to termination (shall there be any).